Same leather, two different looks

Patch Etching

Standard etch leather patch in square shape

Standard Etch

Here is an example of our default Standard Etch MOCKUP where the etcher “etches” away the black area of the artwork.
Reverse etch in square shape

Reverse Etch

Some clients will request a “REVERSE ETCH” in which everything is etched except for their logo. All black areas in the example are etched away and the positive image of the logo is left behind.
100% Authentic Leather

Four Hide Colors to Choose From

For the best end product, we choose the default thread color to be the same as the leather color unless otherwise specified. Feel free to mix and match!
Natural leather with natural stitching

Natural Leather & Natural Stitching

• The Original - and our most popular hide that darkens naturally over time
Brown leather with brown stitching

Dark Brown Leather & Dark Brown Stitching

• Our dark brown is a rich oil tan hide that elevates the look of any design
Chestnut leather with brown stitching

Chestnut & Dark Brown Stitching

• Our Chestnut leather hide has a beautiful red hue that adds a color option between our classic natural and dark brown hide.
Black leather with black stitching

Black Leather & Black Stitching

• Our black leather has a sleek and subtle look with low contrast
Stitch-Over border for a nice contrast on your patch!

Stitch-Over Border

Adding the "stitch-over border" is an available option when designing your patch. We will add a border which follows the shape of your patch that we will then "stich-over" with your choice of thread color. The natural stitching on a natural patch with "stitch-over border" is a popular choice - resulting in a great contrast look!
Natural Leather and natural stitching with stitch over border
Natural Leather with "stitch-over border" & Natural Stitching
Brown leather with brown stitching and stitch over border
Dark Brown Leather with "stitch-over border" & Dark Brown Stitching
Chestnut leather with brown stitching and stitch over border
Chestnut Leather with "stitch-over border" & Dark Brown Stitching
Black leather with black stitching and stitch over border
Black Leather with "stitch-over border" & Black Stitching
Precision-Stitch follows a precise line or path on a patch!


Each leather patch is hand stitched with care which allows us to offer the specialized service of a precision-stitch. Our talented stitching team can follow lines or paths to have the stitching blend into, or work with, your design.
Natural leather on custom shaped patch and precision stitch
Natural Leather with "precision-stitch" & Natural Stitching
Natural leather and precision stitch on leather patch of women stitching with dog
Natural Leather with "precision-stitch" & Dark Brown Stitching
Natural leather with recision stitch of bear republic leather patch
Natural Leather with "precision-stitch" & Natural Stitching
DIY Clients

Leather Patch With Adhesive Backing

For clients with the ability to heat press in-house.
Leather patch with adhesive backing
3 different types of heat presses for leather patches


ALPCo Adhesive Leather Patches are prepared with a heat activated adhesive backing. Various heat presses can work to activate the adhesive backing but settings will differ between each machine. We will include a few extra patches for some test runs to find your ideal settings. Authentic Leather Patch Co. will not be liable for damages to garment or hats while using this product.
Man demonstrating using a heat press to attach a leather patch onto a hat

Adhesive Manufacturer’s Recommended Heat Press Settings:

Machine setting: 320°F to 392°F (160°C to 200°C)
Dwell Time
20 to 30 seconds
2.5 to 4.2 Bar (40-60 psi)
Please Note
Please note: The recommended heat setting for the garment or substrate must be taken into account when setting the temperature of the iron or heat press for heat seals. Use a press cloth or silicone sheet as needed. ALWAYS test at the lowest temperature and time first.
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