It starts with our Mission and core company values

Our Mission

At ALPCo, our mission is to create your favorite custom leather patch product by prioritizing high quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service.

Core Company Values


It’s in our name, and we live by it. At ALPCo, we conduct ourselves and our business with authenticity at our core. We believe in being yourself, and enjoy working for and with clients who aren’t afraid to do that, no matter how big or small.


We take pride in our products, and nothing stands between us and quality. We are committed to going the distance to deliver products with a hand-made touch, and staying accountable every step of the way.


We support it, and it supports us. Sharing common values, outlooks, and goals is how we work together to get things done. From our ALPCo family to the clients we serve, we believe communities keep us connected.


It’s equal parts creativity, experimentation, and adaptability. A commitment to creative problem solving leads us to learn and helps us grow to meet our clients’ needs. At ALPCo, innovation keeps us looking towards the future.


Integrity is gritty, and we aren’t afraid to lean in. It requires a commitment to honesty and respect. You can count on us to stand by our word, and treat you the way we want to be treated.

Hard Work, High Reward

The ALPCo team works hard to make products we’re proud of. Seeing the reach of that hard work makes us feel good. We want that ‘feel good feeling’ to reach our client when they see what we’ve done for them.
The Journey

First Samples Made

Curiosity and the entrepreneurial spirit ignited our journey. We experimented with our first laser etcher using multiple materials and created our first leather patches. Rivots looked nice but after taking a batch to our local saddle stitcher...we knew we were on to something.

Mastering the Craft

We started getting orders from local businesses and knew we had to fine tune this idea to ensure a consistent product. As demand began to rise, we realized in-house production would yield the best results – so we purchased our first sewing machine.

A Company is Formed

Orders kept coming in and we were ahead of a trend! We decided to run with the idea and Authentic Leather Patch Company was born.

Expansion (Our Team & Offering)

Team members and equipment were added throughout the year. After many requests (and countless trials and errors), we added a new dark brown leather to our lineup. We also solidified a black leather for a subtle yet sleek look.


This was a year of learning, fine-tuning processes, establishing core values and growing our team. We want to create an atmosphere inside and outside of the shop that our employees and customers alike enjoy being apart of.

Adapt and Overcome

We did our best to adapt and change with the tides of the global pandemic and are extremely grateful to have persevered through some tough times.

Growing Pains

Another year of uncertainty as supply chain issues complicated ordering. Our talented team embraced the many changes implemented to keep production rolling.

Happy 5th!

Very proud to reach this milestone with the love and support of our loyal family, friends and clients. We can’t thank you enough for making this our biggest year yet.

A Grand Adventure

We loaded up the ALPCo van and hit the road with our portable etcher and hand stitched custom leather patches in various cities in the US. We love demonstrating the skills it takes to bring a product to life.

Let's Work Together!

Showing people what we do at live events is not only enjoyable for us, but to anyone who passes by! You can now Hire Us for events to feature your brand & impress your guests! We also began our first licensing deal with the U.S. Air Force & U.S.Space Force. We are honored and excited by this opportunity.