Hand Crafted Leather Patch Hats Customized to You

100% Authentic Leather, Always hand stitched
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custom leather patch shapes presented on Richardson and Yupoong hat styles

We Are Known For:

Hand Stitching
The stitching is key - it's been our signature look since our origin. Don't be fooled by adhesive backed patches with no stitching.
Various Patch Shapes
The ability to do custom patch shapes will surely make the most unique leather patch hats out there.
No Minimums
Order as few as one hat at a time. Browse popular brands like Richardson, Flexfit, Decky and more to get the exact hat you are looking for.
Customer Service
We truly strive to provide great customer service, an attribute that is hard to come by these days.
100% Authentic Leather

Four Hide Colors to Choose From

Sourced to make your brand stand out.

Natural Leather & Natural Stitching

• The Original - and our most popular hide that darkens naturally over time
Brown leather with brown stitching

Dark Brown Leather & Dark Brown Stitching

• Our dark brown is a rich oil tan hide that elevates the look of any design
Chestnut leather with brown stitching

Chestnut & Dark Brown Stitching

• Our Chestnut leather hide has a beautiful red hue that adds a color option between our classic natural and dark brown hide.
Black leather with black stitching

Black Leather & Black Stitching

• Our black leather has a sleek and subtle look with low contrast
All the feels
Custom Leather patch hats for Columbia Craft Brewery displayed in front of their taps
Columbia Craft Brewing Company
Custom leather patch hats for Pasamonte Hunts displayed in front of custom cups
Guston Wood
Owner of Pasamonte Hunts
Custom leather patch hats featured on a man and women for 603 United
603 United
Custom leather patch hats featured on the Bocca Grande Burritos staff outside of their storefront
Boca Grande Burritos
Custom leather patch hat on man training an older gentleman doing a row machine
Lift SYV
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