Can I choose more than 1 color hat for my multiple hat order?

Sure! You can select various hat styles & colors to meet price breaks.  For example, you can choose 6 Zone 1 hats and 6 Zone 2 hats to receive the 12-35 hat price column.


What type of image will you need of my logo?

We will need a black and white image of your logo in a high resolution format such as PDF, AI, EPS,or JPG.  Photographs, logos with color gradients, and low resolution files will not be accepted.  We offer a design service charge for $60/hour or we recommend websites such as www.fiverr.com for design support.


Can I order a specific brand of hat if I don't see it available on one of your suggested sites?

Contact us and we will be happy to see if we can purchase it.  There are so many great hats to choose from!


Do you offer any other patch colors?

We now offer three different leather options.  Our standard natural veg-tan, a dark brown oil-tan, and a black oil-tan.


A hat that I chose is backordered. What are my options from here?

If an item you have selected is backordered, we will contact you to see if you would like to choose another item OR if you would like to order and wait for the product to become available.  We will not know the exact stock date but will give you our best estimate based on the information provided by our vendors.  If you choose to wait, you will be required to pay for the backordered item to guarantee the purchase.


Can I just purchase patches?

Of course!  Please see our price list for pricing.


Is a rectangle my only option for the patch shape?

Nope!  You are not limited to just a rectangle.  We can work with basic shapes (rectangle, square, circle) OR you can create a custom shape to fit your design.  Please let us know what you had in mind and we can work on creating the right patch for you.  Check out our instagram page to see a variety of shapes that our clients have created!