Leather Patch with Adhesive Backing

Now offering Leather Patches with Adhesive Backing for clients with the ability to heat press in house.

ALPCo Adhesive Leather Patches are prepared with a heat activated adhesive backing. Various heat presses can work to activate the adhesive backing but settings will differ between each machine. We will include a few extra patches for some test runs to find your ideal settings.

Authentic Leather Patch Co. will not be liable for damages to garment or hats while using this product.


Adhesive Manufacturer’s Recommended Heat Press Settings:

Machine setting: 320°F to 392°F (160°C to 200°C)

Dwell time: 20 to 30 seconds

Pressure: 2.5 to 4.2 Bar (40-60 psi)


Please note:

The recommended heat setting for the garment or substrate must be taken into account when setting the temperature of the iron or heat press for heat seals. Use a press cloth or silicone sheet as needed. ALWAYS test at the lowest temperature and time first.


Recommended Settings From a Client using a Stahl:

 -  Heat platen for 1 minute prior to starting pressing first hat

 -  Use mouse mat raised in middle if the curve is not right

 -  Pre press hat for 10 seconds

 -  Use cut cloth over the hat/patch to avoid shiny marks

 -  330 for 35 seconds



Can I add stitching to the patch?

Authentic Leather Patch Co. has not tested stitching with the adhesive backing. If you would like a patch with stitching, please place a traditional order with us and we'd be happy to help from start to finish. We will not add stitching to patches with adhesive backing.


How do I figure out the settings on my particular machine?

We suggest starting with the manufactures settings and adjust from there.  We have added a couple extra patches in your order to help find the appropriate settings.


Can you guys heat press these patches on our hats?

These are meant for the shops or individuals with the ability to heat press patches themself. We are sticking to what we do best, and that is stitched leather patch hats, so we will not be offering heat press services.